How to moderate YouTube comments

You can moderate YouTube comments on your channel by removing comments completely and by adding moderators. Here’s how to get the job done.

It’s no secret that YouTube’s comments section isn’t the best place to go if you’re after a nice, pleasant discussion.

Many YouTubers find their comments filled with spam, trolls and abuse, and so moderating your comments is a key part of keeping your channel feeling friendly.

Fortunately, Google has made it easy for YouTubers to filter and moderate comments that appear on their videos. Here’s how to do it.

How to change your YouTube comment settings

To access your YouTube comments menu, head to the Creator Studio and then select the Community tab on the sidebar.

From there, you’re given multiple options including comments and Community Settings.

Under comments, you’re able to view, search and filter all of the published comments that are on your channel. You have the option to view all comments or only those that feature on specific videos. From the same menu, you can delete what you want and report spam.

If you see a particular user that you want to prevent from commenting on your future videos, you can choose to hide any comments they make on your channel.

Add comment moderators to your channel

If you’re finding it difficult to manage comments by yourself, YouTube now lets you add comment moderators. These moderators can overlook and manage your comments, leaving you to focus on your content.

Having separate moderators can be particularly useful when live streaming, or if your channel gets a particularly high number of comments. The moderator option can be found in the Creator Studio, under Community Settings.

Paste the URL of a person’s channel and they’ll be added to your moderator list.


Once you have treated somebody to moderator status, they’ll be able to remove comments from your videos. However, this won’t remove them permanently. Instead, they’ll be moved to the Held for review tab, which is found in the Comments section of the Creator Studio.

How to blacklist words

Under Community Settings, you have the option to add words that you want to block users from posting. This could include swear words or terms that you want to stop other users from seeing.

YouTube explains that ‘comments closely matching these words will be held for review. Live chats matching these words will be blocked.’

Featured image: David Goehring