How to meet other YouTubers

When it comes to growing your YouTube channel, networking with other YouTubers can be a great way to reach new audiences.

As well as growing your subscriber base, it’s also an opportunity to learn new ideas and skills from other content creators. While meeting other YouTubers shouldn’t be the first thing on your to-do list, it can become more important as your channel progresses.

Go to YouTube Space

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a YouTube Space, it is a great way to meet and learn from other video creators.
As well as access to software and recording studios, there are useful classes and sessions to help you expand your skills.

YouTube Space has become a hub for all creators to gather together and offers plenty of ways for you to meet fellow creators and even collaborate with them.

Attend YouTube conventions

YouTube has become such a global force, that there are now plenty of annual YouTube conventions across the world that you can go to.

Some of the most popular ones include Playlist Live, VidFest, Buffer and Summer at the City.
Not only can you meet hundreds of people with the same interests as you, it’s also an opportunity to meet your favourite creators and the YouTubers that inspire you.

Convention also often have opportunities to attend live talks and Q&A sessions that will give you plenty of great tips and advice.

Fans queue up to met YouTubers at Summer in the City.
Fans queue up to met YouTubers at Summer in the City.

Engage on Twitter

Almost every successful YouTuber uses Twitter. It’s a great way to communicate with your subscribers and stay relevant and active in-between videos.

The other positive is that it’s an easy wy to keep in touch with other creators. Many often share their creative ideas and struggles, as well as look for feedback and advice.

YouTube’s Twitter community is almost its own entity and is used by creators both big and small.
We recommend following a mix of YouTubers with varying fan bases. It’s not likely that you’ll get frequent responses from the bigger names, but you could find a group of smaller creators who are happy to share support and advice.

Once you’ve built a good online relationship with YouTubers on Twitter, you may get the opportunity to meet them face to face at conventions and maybe even record a few videos together.

Go to gatherings

Much like conventions, YouTube gatherings are often filled with hundreds of people. Often they will happen when a big YouTuber is promoting something in particular or is visiting a different country.

These are usually more casual and targeted at fans, but it’s still a great way to meet people with a similar interest in YouTube.

If your subscribers grow enough, you could even consider your own gathering, but we’d only recommend this if you have at least 100,000 active subscribers and know that a reasonable amount live close enough to your area.