7 easy ways to increase YouTube views

YouTube Wizard reveals some top tricks to ensure that your online videos get the recognition and the YouTube views they deserve. Read on for the details.

From sharing a video through social networks to spamming unsuspecting Skype contacts, everybody has their own way of making sure their latest video gets some guaranteed hits.

Read on as we go through some of the best methods to ensure that your video gets the recognition and the YouTube views it deserves.

Nail your YouTube Video title

It sounds obvious, but before you think about sharing your video anywhere, you’d be wise to make sure your title is snappy. It needs to have some personality to it, but also explain what it is that viewers will be seeing when they click on your video link. Make sure your title isn’t misleading in any way, either, or you could risk having the video removed by YouTube.

Fill up your video Descriptions

Not many people utilise services such as Clicktotweet in their video descriptions. Clicktotweet allows you to create a link that Tweets about your video when its clicked by your viewers. This is a nice way of ensuring that the people that watch your content the most are sharing it through their own social networks.

Create custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails aren’t vital in bagging you a viral hit, but they do make the difference when it comes to making sure your content stands out.

You don’t even have to be much of an artist, as sometimes the most simple thumbnails can be the most effective.


Explore shows and playlists

While you’re waiting on the YouTube upload page, make sure to add your video to any relevant playlists or shows on your channel. If you haven’t created a playlist or show, then we recommend you do so.

Give Google+ a try

You may not be a big fan of Google+, but using the social networking service does have its benefits, especially seeing as YouTube and Google+ are now linked together. If you’re posting a video onto YouTube, it’s wise to publicise this on your public Google+ page for SEO reasons.

Set a featured video

If you’re struggling to gain views on an older video and you want to highlight this content, try out the ‘featured video’ tool. This will ensure that people visiting your channel for the first time will see the video you have selected upon arrival.


Video Annotations

Video annotations can be very helpful in leading viewers to other videos once they’ve finished watching your current one. Video annotations at the end of a video, for example, are highly beneficial.

Featured image: Rego Korosi