30 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube

Every YouTuber wants more subscribers, so YouTube Wizard has rounded up 30 ways to help video creators build their fanbase. Read on for the details.

Enjoying your time on YouTube is all about uploading top quality content and building your own audience. While every YouTuber wants to earn themselves some more subscribers, it can be very difficult to do so, especially with more and more people uploading content onto the video-sharing site every single day.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of 30 handy tips on how you can grow your fanbase. Read on for the full details.

  1. Tell your friends about your YouTube channel
  2. Share your YouTube videos on Facebook
  3. Attend YouTube gatherings and talk to other content creators
  4. Comment on other YouTube videos
  5. Tweet your videos to people who you think will enjoy them
  6. Promote your YouTube channel using Google+
  7. Upload regular content on a set schedule
  8. Encourage viewers to like and comment on your video and share it via their own social media pages
  9. Use platforms such as StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Instagram and Digg to promote yourself
  10. Collaborate with other YouTubers
  11. Subscribe to other YouTube channels that you feel you can learn from
  12. Produce videos with varying lengths
  13. Upload and promote your videos at prime times so that you can reach as many people as possible
  14. Write video descriptions that accurately explain what the video is about
  15. Encourage viewers to comment
  16. Tag your videos appropriately so that they appear under relevant searches
  17. Craft eye-catching thumbnails
  18. Make your YouTube channel colourful and inviting
  19. Upload an exciting, attention-grabbing channel trailer
  20. Write an effective title for each video ( one that will draw attention)
  21. Give 100% to each video, as a slip in quality could see viewers leave
  22. Make the first 30 seconds of each video particularly intriguing
  23. Develop your own unique style
  24. Interact with subscribers as often as possible
  25. Consider maintaining a website or blog where you can promote your YouTube channel
  26. Don’t be too negative towards other channels on camera as it can offend their subscribers
  27. Keep an eye on YouTubeWizard.com so that you can keep track of any new features that could help you grow your YouTube channel
  28. Offer competitions and prizes for your viewers and subscribers
  29. Vary the lengths of your videos and see what works best for you
  30. Have fun!

Featured image: Tyler Pruitt