10 top vlogging tips for YouTube newbies

Want to be a YouTuber? YouTube Wizard rounds up 10 top tips on making your YouTube vlogs as entertaining and unique as they can be. Read on for the details.

Most of YouTube’s biggest stars have tried their hand at vlogging at some point in their online career.

For those of you out there who are thinking of producing some vlogs of your own, the YouTube Wizard team is here to offer some advice on how to make your videos stand out from the rest.

Read on for our top 10 tips on how to improve your vlogging skills.

1) Be confident

The most important trait for any keen YouTube vlogger is confidence. A confident speaker is an engaging one, and we’d rather watch a bold, semi-obnoxious YouTuber than a shy, mumbling one.

2) Don’t be afraid to look silly

If you’re pointing a camera at yourself, the chances are pretty good that you’ll look slightly silly to yourself and to people around you as you record. Don’t fret, though. Embrace the silliness and use it to entertain your audience.

3) Have an engaging tone

Your audience won’t have much of an interest in your YouTube video if it doesn’t sound like you’re enjoying talking to them.

Make sure you sound engaging and invested in what you’re talking about.

4) Upload on a schedule

Whilst it’s not vital that you upload a vlog every day (Not many YouTubers can manage this and remain entertaining all the time) it’s still useful to stick to a schedule.

Not only does this help you to set yourself targets and goals for your channel, but it also ensures your audience are aware of the days where you’ll be uploading content. Unreliable subscription boxes can be a nightmare, but if your viewers know to head to your channel on a certain day, you’re covered if YouTube breaks.

5) Make full use of your camera

Here at YouTube Wizard, we don’t think enough vloggers make full use of interesting and unique camera moves, angles and locations. It’s easy to strap a camera to the top of your computer and talk for 10 minutes, but is it that interesting? Not really.

Get creative, head outside and film some on-location shots for a prettier upload.

6) Aim for solid video quality

Your viewers aren’t going to stick around if they’re forced to watch your content in 240p, so make sure you’re rendering your vlogs effectively at the highest resolution you can.

Maximum video quality could take ages to upload on an average to poor internet connection, so that’s something to consider during editing.

7) Make sure you’re speaking clearly

Even modern cameras sometimes have trouble picking up audio, especially when you’re outside. Make sure that you’ve checked the audio output on your content before you start off your day of vlogging.

8) Collaborate

Video collabs are invaluable for both established YouTube stars and newbies. Creating videos with another YouTuber means that you’re sharing your resources and your audience, which means improved exposure for both of you. It’s a win-win situation.

9) Interact with your audience

It’s important that you encourage your viewers to leave comments, so generate discussion by asking your audience questions.

Some YouTubers like to have an ‘audience question’ in each of their videos, so this is something to consider if you’re disappointed with a lack of written feedback.

10) Have fun!

A fun vlog is a good one. Film moments that you and your audience won’t forget in a hurry!

Featured image: Jim Makos